Leave Request & FMLA Forms
  • Employee: When an employee is going to be out 10 consecutive days or more they need to fill out a Leave Request Form and an FMLA FORMS.
  • Principal: Once the employee fills the forms, the principal will need to sign them.
  • Bookkeeper: The bookkeeper will then need the forms for substitute and AESOP purposes. They will send the form on to Stephanie Brasher in Payroll at the Central Office.
  • Payroll: Stephanie will then determine what type of days will be used (paid or unpaid), if the salary will change, the substitute, etc.
  • Insurance: Please contact Dana Simpson in Benefits for premium amounts, insurance questions and any disability issues that may arise because of the leave.
  • Personnel: Gina Rich handles the remaining information and HQ substitute documentation the Director of Personnel will then sign off on the forms
  • Board Approval: The Leave request is then passed to Monica Snead for board approval.