04/27/2024 - Summer Professional Development

Click Summer PD to access the Etowah County Summer PD Fair schedule.

Click JSU Inservice for JSU Inservice Center PD schedule.

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*Professional Development Exchange/Variance Day request forms must be completed and submitted to the Central Office for approval by or before May 31, 2024. Employees can earn up to four Professional Development Exchange Days

*If you receive a stipend to attend a workshop, the activity cannot be used for a Professional Development Exchange Day. College Courses and eLearning Courses cannot be used for a Professional Development Exchange Day. In order to use an activity for a Professional Development Exchange Day, the activity must be completed after the school year ends and before the beginning of the next school year. Therefore, Saturday activities attended during the school year cannot be exchanged for a Professional Development Exchange Day.

Click the Professional Development Exchange Day Form to download the Professional Development Exchange Day/Variance Day form.

04/23/2021 - Neighborhood Bridges
Neighborhood Bridges logo

Please Support Neighborhood Bridges

If you are looking for a way to help others in our community, please subscribe to Neighborhood Bridges. The ECBOE has partnered with this program to meet the needs of our students and their families. Businesses, churches, and individuals can participate. Please subscribe now because the needs will begin to increase and the community support is appreciated.

Click Neighborhood Brides to watch a video.

2023-2024 Alabama Teachers Credit Union Honor Roll Program
ATCU Honor Roll Program

Visit ATCU.com for instructions on how to submit report cards.