Etowah County School System Federal Plans

The Etowah County School System federal programs shall operate in compliance with all federal laws and regulations and according to State Department of Education procedures and guidelines. The Etowah County Board of Education ensures that all schools under its jurisdiction receive comparable services from state and local sources. This includes the assignment of personnel and the distribution of curriculum materials and instructional supplies.

Title I services will be offered in schools within the School System that qualify according to state and federal guidelines and legislation. Eligible students are those whom the school identifies as failing or most at risk of failing to meet the state's challenging student performance standards and having greatest academic need for special assistance.

The Board requires that the following criteria be met for all qualified Title I programs (School wide or Targeted Assistance) within the School System:

• Improve teaching so that Title I students will meet challenging state content performance


• Implement effective instructional strategies that increase the amount and quality of learning

time for at-risk students and that deliver an enriched and accelerated curriculum.

• Ensure that school-based planning take place.

• Promote effective parent participation.

Title I School wide programs use their funds to upgrade the entire program of the school. Schools are encouraged to use research-based school reform strategies that provide an accelerated and enriched curriculum and increase the amount and quality of learning time. The programs must be integrated with other resources and initiatives. The intent is still to assist disadvantaged children, but this goal will be achieved by upgrading the entire education environment.

Title I Targeted assistance programs will target only individually identified students and must use their funds only for programs that provide services for those identified as in greatest need of assistance. However, these targeted assistance programs must meet the same requirements of school wide programs such as emphasizing accelerated curricula and extended learning times; coordinating their activities with other school reform activities; and providing adequate professional development for teachers and others serving Title I students.

Title I Teachers paid from Title I funds are employees of the Board and are subject to the same regulations as other teachers. Salaries for Title I teachers and/or other employees shall follow the Etowah County School System salary schedule and shall comply with all regulations regarding comparability.


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