Continuous Improvement

Alabama's Continuous Improvement Plan (ACIP) is used by all schools in improvement and Title I schools not in improvement to facilitate the planning process.

The ACIP is developed by a school team that is representative of the challenges being addressed with support from the LEA.

Team members include the principal, counselor, district school improvement specialist (or other designees), appropriate content-area teachers, parent representatives, and student representatives (as appropriate).

An ACIP is effective for a two-year period and is reviewed and revised monthly.

Make Learning Visible!

Schoolwide Evidence:

  • Classroom Rounds Evidence and Notes
  • CIP (and amendments)
  • Specific documentation, as mentioned in each school's CIP
  • Secondary Schools - Copies of each teachers syllabus (COS/CCRS correlations strongly suggested).
  • CIP Reviews - 6 for Title I Schools / 2 for Non-Title
  • Intervention strategies (as mentioned in school's CIP)
  • Classroom Evidence:
  • Keep it simple.
  • Teacher lesson plans (Gdocs, INOW printout, or lesson plan books)
  • Progress Monitoring Data (ASPIRE, ACT, STAR, Classroom Assessments, RtI Data, etc.)
  • Course of Study/Pacing Guide
  • Secondary Schools - Syllabus (with CCRS/COS correlations strongly suggested). A syllabus should be posted on teacher's website.
  • Data Meeting/Vertical Team Documentation
  • Other Items of Interest:
  • Four-Year Plan (Middle and High Schools)
  • School web presence, including teacher web pages (especially if teacher/student communication is mentioned in CIP)
  • Student engagement
  • Classroom/school culture
  • Principal(s) is ensuring teachers are creating lessons plans that reflect the CCRS/COS.
  • CIP on website
  • Utilizing technology, Web 2.0 tools, and/or project-based learning