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Technology Coordinator Manual - PowerPoint


                                                Etowah County Schools


The School Technology Coordinator will:


v  Be a member of the System Technology Committee. This position requires some knowledge of and willingness to learn how to troubleshoot computer and network hardware. This person must be willing to further his or her expertise by receiving additional training and reviewing current literature. 

v  Be familiar with the Etowah County Technology Scope and Sequence.

v  Be familiar with the Alabama Course of Study for Technology.

v  Be trained and will assist all teachers in their school to achieve technology competency and to integrate technology into the curriculum.

v  Complete School Technology Plans and Technology Inventories (mandated by State Department).

v  Coordinate all technology related professional development activities at their respective schools.

v  Instruct faculty on using and maintaining computers, printers, cameras, Interactive White Boards, Document Cameras, and any other devices deemed appropriate for instructional uses.

v  Assist with school technology purchases – works with District Technology Department to ensure all bid laws are obeyed and purchases are documented in Technology Plans. Also, purchases must be compatible with network (no Vista!).

v  Spend an average of  hours a six weeks working on technology related issues. There may be some after-school and/or summer hours included.

v  Conduct an evaluation for technology certification for all faculty members of their school. The basis for the training and evaluation will be based on the ISTE and State Technology Standards for teachers.

v  Be the designated liaison to the Technology Department and appropriate vendors to report trouble ticket requests.

v  Attend all System-wide Technology Meetings.

v  Submit a log (signed by TC and principal) at the conclusion of each NINE weeks summarizing all Technology Coordinator related activities. Click here for log template.
v  Other responsibilities will include but not be limited to adding and removing network users, reporting network security breaches, reporting Internet misuse, creating school web pages, and attending system-wide training sessions. 

v  The School Technology Coordinator will also be responsible for any other duties deemed necessary by the Director of Technology and/or the School Principal.





Things to Do: 
  • Familiarize yourself with the TC “Job Requirements.”
  • Review IMPACT Survey results.What are your school’s strengths and weaknesses?How can your school improve? What resources do you need?
  • Begin working on Technology Plan.  Click here for Tech Plan Resource Page.
  • 8th Grade Schools – Review your Tech Literacy results.
  • Promote the use of technology in your school.
  • Locate TC Survival Kit and Tech Notebook, and update as necessary.





         ·        All Technology orders should go through technology office

    • FAX all orders to Technology Office – Technology Fax #547-7501
    • Lisa will place the orders and place copies of the PO in the binder for reference
  • If you moved into a new building, or are in the process of doing so, this is the opportune time to get your inventories where they need to be.
  • All networked computers at your school are being protected with Windows Updates and Trend Antivirus. Have teachers manually check their Windows Updates and Trend settings to be sure they are updating daily. Remember, it only takes one virus infected computer to bring down your entire school network.
  • Do not throw away rechargeable batteries.
  • Technology Disposal:
    • Do not just throw away./ Violation of FEDERAL LAW!!!!!
o   Have it removed from fixed assets.
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