AP Exams for Low Income Students - Directions

Announcement of Alabama’s award of the 2011 federal AP/IB grant which pays for AP/IB Exam costs for eligible low-income students!!


Re: Advanced Placement (AP) Exams and International Baccalaureate (IB) Exams/Registration Fees for Eligible Low-Income Students - LEA Reimbursement Paperwork Procedures


We are pleased to announce that the Alabama Department of Education (SDE) has received a 2011 federal AP/IB grant which reimburses school systems for the 2011 AP/IB exams actually taken by eligible low-income students in their schools. Through the federally funded test fee reduction program, SDE will reimburse your school system for the money expended on 2011 AP test fees and/or IB test fees/registrations taken by eligible low-income students participating in the federal free/reduced lunch program.  School systems must first pay the College Board or IB for these tests and then apply for reimbursement from SDE.


Be advised that the federal government is tightening SDE’s enforcement of student eligibility in this matter.  It is the responsibility of the school system to verify that these students are indeed eligible for the federal free/reduced lunch program and to keep records to that effect. 


The reimbursement check will be sent from SDE Accounting to the Central Office of the school system, not to the affected schools.


In order for the school system to receive reimbursement, SDE will need to verify the remittance amount paid by the school system for low-income testing for each high school through your submission of two documents: 


1) an AP/IB 2011 Request for Payment Form and


2) an accompanying AP or IB invoice. 


For your perusal after the 2011 exams, this request for payment form is downloadable on SDE’s Web site athttp://www.alsde.edu/html/sections/documents.asp?section=54&sort=15&footer


Directions for requests for reimbursement:

1.      Submit a separate AP/IB 2011 Request for Payment Form for each affected high school in the school system.  Complete the form and obtain the signatures of both the Superintendent and the Principal.  Be advised that the federal government is tightening SDE’s enforcement of student eligibility in this matter.  By signing, the Superintendent and the Principal certify that the students are indeed eligible for the federal free/reduced lunch program and that the school system is keeping records to that effect, should the federal government request SDE to verify this. 

2.      Attach a copy of the College Board AP Exam Invoice: State Copy and/or the IB Exam Invoice to each AP/IB 2011 Request for Payment Form(s).  The quantity and cost of tests with fee reductions should be indicated on the invoice(s).

3.      Mail the completed AP/IB 2011 Request for Payment Form(s) and the invoice(s) to Mrs. Phyllis Rase, Alabama Department of Education, P O Box 302101, Montgomery, AL 36130.  BOTH THE AP/IB REQUEST FOR PAYMENT FORM(S) AND THE INVOICE(S) ARE REQUIRED IN ORDER FOR CHECKS TO BE PROCESSED FROM THE SDE ACCOUNTING SECTION.  Reimbursement checks will be sent from SDE Accounting to the Central Office of the school system, not to the schools. 


If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Rase by e-mail at prase@alsde.edu or by telephone at 334-353-5910.  Please note that Mrs. Rase does not cut checks, but processes your paperwork to the SDE Accounting Section who sends out the check to the Central Office. 


Explanation of funds:

·        AP The fee for a May 2011 AP exam is $87 per examination, with schools normally retaining an $8 rebate per exam.  For each AP exam taken by students from low-income families, the College Board will provide a $22 fee reduction and schools are expected to forgo the $8 administration fee; thus, the May 2011 AP exam fee for qualifying students is $57 per exam ($87-$22-$8 = $57).  SDE will reimburse school systems $57 per 2011 AP exam for eligible low-income students qualifying for the College Board fee reduction.  Thus, qualifying students pay $0. 

·        IB:  SDE will reimburse school systems $96 for each IB exam taken by eligible low-income students and $141 per IB registration per eligible low-income student.  Thus, qualifying students pay $0.

Click here for reimbursement form.

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