Mission Statement
  • The mission of The Hokes Bluff Middle School Library is to provide 
  • an environment that ensures that students and staff can effectively 
  • access, process, and use ideas and information. The library media center 
  • strives to collect, organize, and facilitate access of information resources 
  • in many formats including current technological tools that enhance and 
  • reinforce the school curriculum. The library media center also strives 
  • to promote life-long reading and learning both for pleasure and for information.




  • The Hokes Bluff Middle School Library believes that a library media center 
  • should provide materials and information presenting all points of view on 
  • current and historical issues. It is our responsibility to provide books and 
  • other library resources including technology that are of the interest, information, 
  • and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves. 
  • The Hokes Bluff Middle School Library provides a stimulating environment 
  • for students to use higher-order thinking skills, to become active and 
  • experiential learners, to discover, to create, to respect diverse ideas and 
  • beliefs and to become life-long learners.




 Library Rules

  1. 1.     RESPECT:

    Patrons should always respect the rights, property, and 

    responsibilities of themselves and of others. Students must use 

    library materials and equipment with respect and care. 

    All library materials should be returned to the proper place.

    2.     DO YOUR BEST:

    Always try! Students are to work quietly and independently. 

    If talking is necessary, a quiet voice that will not disturb others 

    should be used at all times in the library media center. Students 

    should exercise self-control while in the library media center 

    (For example, no running or rough play).


    Students are required to be responsible when coming from and 

    returning to class. Students are responsible for keeping track of the time 

    they are away from class. A library pass is required when students visit 

    the library independently.



    Students are required to follow all Technology / Internet user policies 

    and procedures as referred to in the school handbook and established 

    by the board of education.

    ·        NO FOOD, CANDY, OR DRINKS:

    Gum, candy, food, drinks, tobacco products, etc. are not allowed in 

    the library media center. Food, candy, and drinks are only allowed for 

    special occasions as specified by the librarian.



 Library Consequences for Broken Rules

  1. Verbal Warning

  2. Name assigned to a Student Discipline Referral form and library 
  3. privileges could be temporarily revoked (For example: student 
  4. could be sent back to their classroom).

  5. Parent(s) / Guardian (s) will be contacted.

  6. A Student Discipline Referral form will be sent to the principal 
  7. / assistant principal for disciplinary action. 



 Circulation Policies:
     Check-Out Policy for Print Books/Materials:

  • ·         Students may have 3 books/materials checked out at one time.  
  • ·         Books/Materials may be checked-out for 2 weeks / 10 school days
  • ·          Reference materials may be checked-out overnight.
  •      They are due the next school day by 8:00 a.m.



     Check-Out Policy for Non Print Books/Materials:

  • Please see Mrs. Hannah for more information.


   Fines / Late Fees:

  • Book fines are $0.05 per day excluding weekends, excused absences 
  • (students are responsible for letting the librarian know of absences), 
  • and holidays. Maximum fine is $2.00.

  • Overnight reference fines are $0.10 per day excluding weekends, 
  • excused absences (students are responsible for letting the librarian 
  • know of absences), and holidays. Maximum fine is $2.00.

  • Lost cataloging markings are $0.50 per item. An example of this 
  • includes a missing or damaged barcode or spine label.

  • Lost library cards will cost $2.00 to replace. 


     Lost and/or Damaged Materials:

  • Library patrons are responsible for all materials/books that they 
  • check-out from the library media center. In the event that a 
  • book/material is lost or damaged the book/material must be 
  • paid for. The cost of the book/material is based on the current 
  • market value. Payment MUST be made in the library to Mrs. Hannah, 
  • the librarian or to Mrs. Ryan, the library assistant. A receipt will be given. 
  • In the event the material or book is found after it has been paid for 
  • the patron may be reimbursed less the catalog processing fee of $2.00. 
  • Students MUST bring the payment receipt to the library and see 
  • Mrs. Hannah for a refund. Please understand that all monies must 
  • be processed through bookkeeping; therefore, the refund will not be
  •  immediate.



 Library Media Center Schedule:

      Schedule Overview:

  • Library Media Center Hours: 7:30 - 11:30 
  • reopen at 12:00 - 3:00 Monday-Friday

  • In order to serve the entire school community efficiently the 
  • library media center has a flexible schedule.

  • All students are allowed to check-out books/materials daily 
  • during their assigned or free time as permission is given by 
  • their classroom teachers.

  • At the beginning of the school year students will have library 
  • orientation. The library media center will not be open to students 
  • for circulation or use until students have completed library orientation.

  • Teachers and staff have full access to the library media center and 
  • all resources from the start of school until library inventory begins 
  • in May.


     Changes to the Library Media Center Schedule:

  • All schedules are subject to change due to school wide conflicts 
  • and/or accommodations.

  • Library patrons will be notified of any changes to the schedule 
  • as soon as they are known.

  • The library media specialist will notify school personnel of any s
  • chedule changes via e-mail and/or through morning announcements.

  • Your understanding and flexibility in working with the library staff 
  • during schedule changes is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Flexible Schedule:

  • Teachers please see Mrs. Hannah to schedule small groups or 
  • full class collaboration.

  • Students are allowed to visit the library media center throughout 
  • the school day with their classroom teacher’s permission and library pass. 

  • Please remember that the library will be closed from 11:30 – 12:00 
  • each day for lunch. However, if you have a class scheduled to use 
  • the library during the library lunch period the library will be open 
  • for this class ONLY. Teachers please do not send students for 
  • independent reading or circulation from 11:30-12:00.

Last Modified on August 26, 2013