Track Coaches - Taylor Morgan and Marcia Farabee
SEVEN 2010 State Qualifiers:
Sarah Chaney - 100m, 200m, 400m, 400m Relay
Brittany Pennington - 100m Hurdles, 300m Hurdles, Shot Put, 400m Relay
Haley Barron - Long Jump, 400m Relay
Evan Farrabee - 3200m
Ashlyn Shields - 800m
Elizabeth White - High Jump
Haley Gilliland - 400m Relay
2010 State Track Standings:
HBHS Girls' Track - 10th in State (out of 26 teams)
Sarah Chaney: 100M - 7th, 200M-16th, 400M-8th
Brittany Pennington: 100M Hurdles-3rd, 300M Hurdles-3rd, Shot Put-6th
Elizabeth White: High Jump-11th
Halely Barron: Long Jump-14th
Ashlyn Shields: 800M - 17th
Evan Farabee: 3200M -17th
HBHS Girls' 400M Relay:  9th

County Track Meet


County Champions

Boys 100 Meters – Cole Frederick

Girls 100 Meters – Sarah Chaney

Girls 200 Meters – Sarah Chaney

Girls 400 Meters – Sarah Chaney

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles – Brittany Pennington

Girls Shot Put – Brittany Pennington

Girls High Jump – Brittany Pennington



Top Finishers

Boys High Jump – Cole Frederick – 2nd place

Boy’s Long Jump – Cole Frederick – 2nd place

Boys 3200 meter run – Evan Farabee –3rd place;  Trey Adcock – 4th place

Boys 400 meters – Evan Farabee – 5th place

Boys 110 meter hurdles – Nick Johnson – 3rd place

Boys Shot Put – Cody Cross – 2nd place; Cameron Kellett – 3rd place

Boys Discuss – Travis Cook – 3rd place; Cody Cross – 4th place


Girls 100 meters – Halely Barron – 2nd place; Haley Gilliland – 3rd place

Girls 300 meter Hurdles – Brittany Penninton – 2nd place; Ashlyn Shields – 3rd place;

Elizabeth White – 4th place

Girls Discuss – Shayla Dennis – 2nd place

Girls Javelin – Laura Sisk – 3rd place

Girls High Jump – Elizabeth White – 2nd place; Kaley Woodall – 3rd place



Relay Team

4x100 boys – 3rd place (Cole Frederick, Trey Adcock, Evan Farabee, Taylor Clough)

4x100 girls – 1st place (Sarah Chaney, Brittany Pennington, Halely Barron, Haley Gilliland)



Boys Points Leaders – Top Finishers


Cole Frederick – 1st place 100 meters; 2nd place high jump; 2nd place long jump; 3rd place


Girls Points Leaders – Top Finishers


Sarah Chaney – 1st place 100 meters; 1st place 200 meters; 1st place 400 meters

Brittany Pennington – 1st place 100 meter hurdles; 1st place shot put; 1st place high jump;

2nd place 300 meter hurdles


Sarah Chaney and Brittany Pennington – County MVPs



Sectional Track Meet – Girls team – 3rd place in sectional meet


Sarah Chaney – 6th 100 meter dash; 6th 200 meter dash; 4th 400 meter dash

Halely Barron – 8th 100 meter dash; 3rd long jump

Ashlyn Shields – 4th 800 meter dash

Brittany Pennington – 1st 100 meter hurdles; 2nd 300 meter hurdles; 4th shot put

Elizabeth White – 1st high jump

Laura Sisk – 2nd triple jump


4x100 girls relay team – 3rd (Sarah Chaney, Brittany Pennington, Halely

Barron, Haley Gilliland)



Evan Farabee – 6th place – 3200 meter run

2010 Track Team



Trey Adcock

Taylor Clough

Travis Cook

Cody Cross

Evan Farabee

Cole Frederick

Chris Henry

Nick Johnson

Cameron Kellett

Nathan Maddox

Josh Miller

Michael Reed

Zane Sullivan




Halely Barron

Sarah Chaney

Shayla Dennis

Haley Gilliland

Sara Griffith 

Leanne New

Brianna Pennington

Brittany Pennington

Ashlyn Shields

Katie Sisk

Laura Sisk

Haley Stallings

Elizabeth White

Kaley Woodall


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