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                     Credentials:     *Bachelor's Degree from Jacksonville State  
                                             University, 1990
                                           *Master's Degree from Jacksonville State
                                             University, 1996, Grades 1-6
                                           *Highly Qualified Teacher in accordance with No
                                             Child Left Behind
                     Experience:     *1996 - 1998, 4th grade teacher at Whitesboro Elementary
                                           *1998 - 2013, 3rd grade teacher Whitesboro Elementary
                                           *2013 - present, 6th grade teacher Whitesboro Elementary
                     Biography:      Born in Maryville, Tennessee
                                          Moved to Gadsden, Alabama at age 2
                                          Graduated from Emma Sansom High School in 1986
                                          Married Russ Waits in 1990
                                          Children: Austin Waits, age 19 attends Jacksonville State
                                                        Sara Margaret Waits, age 11, attends Emma Sansom
                                                         Middle School
                     Hobbies and Interests:     Children's Choir Director First Methodist Church
                                                          Gadsden, Sewing, Crochet, Oil & Water Color
                                                          Painting, Traveling & Reading

Last Modified on August 13, 2013