The mission of the Etowah County Career Technical Center is to prepare individuals to excel in a career, to further their education, and to enhance their life skills through academic and technical studies that positively impact the workforce needs of the community.
The goals of the Etowah County Career Technical Center include:
1. Provide a safe, challenging, and supportive educational environment that teaches workplace behaviors,      teamwork, and quality workmanship.
2. Implement a curriculum that emphasizes the application and integration of academics, 21st Century           technology, and technical skills. 
3. Provide an educational program which seeks to enable each individual t
    A. Develop basic and entry-level occupational skills.
    B. Acquire related occupational knowledge.
    C. Develop attitudes, techniques and work habits relative to the world of work.
    D. Possess leadership traits through participation in technical student organizations.
4. Implement a school improvement process that continually assesses and improves the organization’s         performance and attainment of its mission and goals.
5. Provide embedded work frame to organize and integrate math, science, English, and social studies for      technical program areas.
6. Offer lifelong learning to meet needs of both individuals and businesses, including but not limited to,         Cooperative education, articulated post-secondary opportunities, and dual enrollment.
All teachers and instructional paraprofessionals at Etowah County Career Technical Center meet
NCLB requirements.

 BEST Robotics 2013-2014